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Uncomfortable Pillow

We recommend that to find the right comfort feel for you, that you should test your preferred pillow on a bed similar to yours to try the pillow’s feel and loft in your usual sleeping position to ensure it meets your needs.

Pillows come in a range of support materials and lofts (heights) to suit the style and height of pillow you prefer. Ideally you should only sleep with one pillow.

The right pillow will assist in spinal alignment when sleeping. If you have changed your mattress as well you may notice a change in your pillow needs. The change from an older/softer bed to a newer/firmer bed may also alter your bodies positioning when in bed and alter your neck and head’s positioning, especially if you haven’t updated your pillow as part of your sleep solution.

If you have a new pillow, as well as a new mattress, you may feel uncomfortable for the first few nights as your body adjusts to the new comfort and support

We recommend that you give your new pillow at least a week to give your body a chance to adjust to your new pillow.

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